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Herd It + Facebook

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Herd It is a Facebook application.  Facebook is a great platform for our game since:

  1. Music is social  – people like to listen, dance, sing and talk about music together
  2. Facebook is a great way to access a large audience so that Herd It can collect lots of data
  3. Casual games, quizzes and fun music apps are very popular on Facebook

Over the past year of developing Herd It on FB, we’ve learned a lot about the Facebook platform, how it works and where it strengths and weaknesses are.  As time goes on, I’ll post more info so that you can learn from our experiences and develop your own Facebook application.

If you aren’t on Facebook (where have you been?!) and still want to play Facebook, let us know.  We’re working on a standalone version of the game.


Written by lubar

September 23, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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